Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Senior Year is like Christmas

 On Wednesday, September 29, 2010, Jostens visited CRHS and talked to students about the products they offer. They made points about how important it is to graduate and ESPECIALLY how important one’s senior year is. After a bombardment of short pep talks and cheering, students were shown all that Jostens has to offer us. “This is a really good deal!” and “We have better deals than the other guys!” were part of what was said during the presentation. Needless to say, without Jostens, there would still be plenty of students, especially seniors, buying anything with the year of his or her graduation or the word “Senior” on it. Besides Jostens, there is still Herff Jones and online sites to buy and personalize anything one would need.

 Just like Christmas, everyone forgets the real reason behind the event. For example, one’s senior year is when one really has to focus on college and keeping grades up – one can’t slip. On the other hand, people treat senior year as if the whole year is about celebrating when they do not realize that there is still a lot ahead of them. During Christmas, many people spend unnecessarily large amounts of money and leave themselves exhausted doing what they assume is supposed to be Christmas. Most seem to forget that Christmas is a Christian holiday where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus with or without the company of their family.

From experience and common knowledge, do you believe that Christmas and your high school senior year are similar? Why or why not?

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