Thursday, September 16, 2010

Volleyball Team 2010


Kayla 10th
Hailey 10th
Lori 10th
Anne 9th
Brittney 9th
Tabitha 9th
Shania 9th
Jessica 9th
Kristen 9th
Tiara 9th

September's Top Athletes

This week the opinion poll will be covering September’s top athletes in CRHS.
Top athletes of the month and upcoming months will be based on leadership, statistics, and hard work, either on the hardwood, field, or track. We would like to nominate Jake R, Katelynn, and Zack M. Jake being our top choice had not one but two big games this month. Going back to Scott to put up big numbers was a big accomplishment, and to stand out among this great football team is another outstanding accomplishment. Katelynn coming in second in the poll has had a great month of volleyball, with an enormous amount of kills. And Zack coming in third has brought big play ability to the football team every game. Zack’s return game and offensive deep threat ability should keep him ahead of most in each month’s top athletes.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

  Week 3 Recap

Last Friday night the Chapmanville Tigers faced off against the Scott Skyhawks at Scott High school’s football field. When these two play it tends to become very intense. Scott and Chapmanville are heated rivals, so this game was much anticipated as there are very high expectations for the Tigers.
            Coming into the game both the Tigers and Skyhawks possessed 1-1 records. The Tigers received a 9th ranking and Skyhawks a 20th. The Tigers’ highly praised running game (Jake Robinson and Dustin Botsch) were expected to have a great game bouncing back from the loss to Herbert Hoover. And, as expected they both had a breakout game, jumping on the Scott for at least 200 yards on the ground and four touchdowns to each.     
            The score at half-time was 42-12, the final eventually becoming 62-20. This upcoming week the Tigers face off against the Poca Dots at home for the hall of fame game. Everyone is getting excited about Chapmanville football, and they have a reason to. When the Tigers are on, there are very few, if any teams in the state can stop them. Their offense is unbelievably good, but lacks a great defense. When their defense comes along with the offense, they should be the best team in the state, hands down.  

Chapmanville vs. Poca Friday Night (Hall of Fame)

Chapmanville will host the Poca Dots at home on Friday night Hall of Fame.  The people being inducted into the hall of fame will be James Barker, Fred May, Earnest Amburgey, Darren Godby, and Raymond Chafin. In last year's face off, Chapmanville won with what they call a "miracle touchdown" to win the game. This year will be a good face off again between the two. Supporting fans will be there along with the pep club rooting our boys on. Good luck Tigers!!

Chapmanville Tigers Football Schedule 2010

Aug 27th    Sissonville                           AWAY
Sept. 3        Herbert Hoover                  HOME
Sept. 10      Scott                                    AWAY
Sept. 17      Poca                                   HOME
Sept. 24      Logan                                AWAY
Oct. 1        James Monroe                   AWAY
Oct. 8        Man (Homecoming)         HOME
Oct. 15     OPEN
Oct. 22     Tolsia                                HOME
Oct. 29    Wanye (Senior Night)     HOME
Nov. 5     Point Pleasant                 AWAY


Dances 2010/ Homecoming

The Homecoming Dance - October 8th 2010. The dance will be held right after the game.

The Halloween Dance - October 23rd 2010 from 8-11.

The Winter Formal - December 4th 2010 from 7-10 or 8-11 depending on the weather.

 Homecoming Court 2010
Freshmen Attendants
Sydney Nelson
Tiara Pridemore

Sophomore Attendants
Chelsie Slater
Haliey Price

Junior Attendants
Allison Evans
Halie Jo Eldridge

Senior Attendants
Brittany Deel
Tori Hensley
Alyx Stover

Monday, September 13, 2010

CRHS Newspaper Staff 2010/2011
Allison - Chief Editor
Haley -Co Chief Editor
Halie Jo

Friday, September 10, 2010

Eagles' Nest

     Eagles’ Nest is a program here at CRHS that teaches the students leadership and responsibility. It gives the opportunity to give back to your community by helping out at the elementary schools and nursing care facilities. This rewarding program is directed by Mrs. Amick- Adkins. Eagles’ Nest is offered to juniors and seniors. This class has to be one of the best that Chapmanville offers.

     Starting in October, the participants in Eagles’ Nest will be attending the grade schools and nursing care facilities. They plan on making every person’s day brighter by making their day easier and more enjoyable. By playing games, it teaches the younger kids’ life lessons such as respect, responsibility, and friendship. These lessons will help the children have a better outlook on life. The participants and the students are in for one marvelous treat!

By: Byran , Tyler , and Halie Jo

Opinion Poll

We have come up with a great idea for this year’s school newspaper. This year we will include an opinion poll. It’s new to our school newspaper due to these reasons. The poll will make the newspaper more up to date in everyday life, more fun, and exciting.

This week’s questions will consist of…

1. Who will win the Chapmanville vs. Poca football game?

2. What will the final score of the football game be?

3. Which player will have the most catches?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pep Club

Have Something to Say?

Ms. Turner’s yearbook class, due to an unnecessarily large amount of students, has two classes in one now. There is the yearbook staff and a newspaper staff. Since most of the work takes place in the high school’s library, we are interested on your opinion of your current library and what ideas or suggestions you have to improve it and make it an appealing area to study and learn in. Also, let us know what you would like to see in our new online paper.

You may leave comments at the bottom or contact Ms.Turner in the library during school hours.

Also, if you do not have any ideas or suggestions for the library, you can let us know your opinion on educational reform. It’s obvious that there are students across the nation who do not show any interest in a “general education.” A general education is similar to what we have here at CRHS: we make our 4 and 5 year plans and take classes to educate us for our intended future career, along with “general” classes, also known as our “core” classes.

In Germany, children pick what careers they would like to be trained in after 8th grade. They take a test similar to our WESTest and if scores are high enough, students may continue on to something like college and then advance to universities. Lower scores take commercial trades, similar to shop, and still continue to be successful in most cases. This is because a “general education” is not forced upon them.

Some argue that a general education creates more rounded personalities, while some protest that students who are training for a specific trade or career that have no interest in other subjects, degrade the experience for those who want to learn more.

You may leave a comment at the bottom or contact Samantha at

Key Club "Caring...Our Way of Life."

Key Club is a club found internationally in many high schools. They serve their community though volunteering for different projects and individually, each member learns about themselves in the process. Community service is much more than getting out of class and gaining your hours to graduate. The goodness you put into your work comes out in appreciative others.

Every year, they participate in UNICEF, Christmas in the Park, Salvation Army Christmas Charity, Highway Cleanup, Red Cross Blood Drive, and others that are beneficial to the community, the nation, and occasionally the world. This year, they are participating in a program called “Adopt-A-Block” in which they take care of Commerce Park. Picking up trash and helping out the local business are their objectives, as well as making the area more appealing. It’s similar to “Adopt-A-Highway”, except on more focused pieces of land.

Key Club is not alone. They have a younger branch called “Builder’s Club” at middle schools and the parent branch called “Kiwanis” that consists of older adults to help them when needed and vice versa. On the college level, there is Circle K, which is similar to Key Club but on a different grade level. Circle K is not available at every college, but it is possible to form your own if there is enough student interest. Key Club meets every Wednesday at 3:00 after school in Mr.Saunder’s room. The meeting’s last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of the year, current programs, etc. Everyone is welcome to join!

Going to College?

In order to receive scholarships and get into most colleges, you’ll need to take your ACT, if you haven’t already. The upcoming test is September 11, 2010 but the deadline for applications was on August 6th, 2010. If you missed the deadline, you can sign up for the next one on October 23, 2010 – the deadline is September 17, 2010. Packets for the ACT can be found in Mrs. Ramey’s office or you can register online at

It’s never too early to take your ACT, even in your freshman year. Your highest cumulative score is what colleges accept. You may take the ACT as many times as needed. Taking the test without writing is only $33.00 and with it, the price is $48.00. The writing section lasts an hour after the no writing ACT is over. If curious about which one you should take, visit the website of the college you plan to go to and check out the major you’re planning to take. There should be information about the ACT or SAT score required to take that major.

After taking the test, you’ll receive your scores in about 3 weeks. For college-bound seniors, these scores are dire. The deadline for the PROMISE scholarship is on March 1, 2011. To meet the requirements, you must have a 3.0 GPA, a 22 cumulative score, and a 20 on all of your sub scores. This year for the upcoming fall 2011 classes, PROMISE is awarding up to $4750 per person eligible.

Other websites that offer scholarships:;;