Friday, October 22, 2010

Rachel's Challenge

On October 14th, 2010 Mr. Larry Scott, a presenter of the Rachel’s Challenge Organization, presented an assembly to our school that will never be forgotten. Mr. Scott was nice enough to travel all the way from Littleton, CO to Chapmanville, WV to present an assembly that has reformed our school. Since Rachel’s Challenge has been operating, the team has reached 3,300 schools (high schools and middle schools), multiple stadium and large venue events, 50 states and six countries, 11,000,000 people reached with the message, seven documented school shootings/violence, prevented hundreds of suicides, and planted a message that will never be forgotten.
Thursday, we the students, came to school just as we would on a regular Thursday morning, not knowing what was really in store. “Before going in I thought it would be just a softie, another boring assembly” & “I was just glad to get out of class to be honest.” -Two 12th grade students added. Approximately at 8:50 am, the freshmen & seniors made their way to the auditorium. A fellow 9th grade class member inputted their opinion “I had no clue what it would be like, I’m sure I would be bored.”
Around the beginning of 3rd period, which is close to 9:40, the 1st assembly was over. With 10th and 11th grade classes still eager to get their turn, red faces were common to be seen, and questioned faces were now upon the students. “When the kids came back to class, I was pondered what was going on”Seth Deskins interpreted. A tenth grader said “I had already read about Columbine and was kinda nervous to see how the school would react.”
When 10:40 rolled around, more tears were to be seen than smiles. “I have never been more traumatized before in my life” and “I have a different perspective for everything now” were common phrases being said around the school. But the most inspirational words said came from Cliff Hall: “It felt good. This school needed a speaker to come; we have needed it for awhile. He saved us all, even if people wasn’t listening, they someway was touched. Like Rachel said, kindness can go along way. I’m glad Mr. Scott came, because we were going downhill, and he seems to be what we needed to bring us back up.”
When the assembly concluded, a banner was waiting to be signed if a student wanted to accept Rachel’s Challenge. That banner currently is loaded down with acceptants names. Mrs. Barker has formed a Rachel’s Challenge club with 100 students mixed from every grade being trained to spread kindness not only in the school, but anywhere they might be.
At the end of the Thursday school day, Chapmanville Regional High School was not the same. Every class room seemed to be different; the mood around the school had changed. Everybody seemed to spread a little more kindness than usual and in someway tried to touch somebody else. Only not knowing, we were starting a Chain Reaction.
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