Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making History

    It’s that time again. When we go from T-shirts and caps, to sweatshirts and beanies, the cold weather sets in, and the fall of autumn occurs, you know its playoff time. As the Major League Baseball regular season soon comes to a close, the race for the pennant just begins, and the inner fan starts to expose. Nobody wants his or her team to lose, but everybody wants them to win.
    Unfortunately, that cannot happen, and that’s where “Americas Greatest Pastime” comes to play. With every race close right now, experts cannot even predict what the outcome will be.
    The use of performance enhancing drugs in the game has put a slump on the title of MLB, but those true players, still in the game, want to show the fans that they are worthy of their support. This year has already produced more historic pitching performances than any other year in history of baseball. The use of replay has also stirred controversy in the league. Some fans want replay and some fans want it the way it has always been done. Umpires make mistakes, and so do players, but what the fan pays for, is those memorable games.
    With spite in belief in the way the game should be, has caused drama all over the world. So, get those team colors out, try and go see a game, or tune that T.V. to the game. As history has shown before, everybody wants a Cinderella story and every American predicts this year will be one for the ages. It’s PLAYOFF TIME!


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