Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Prom is on a Saturday, April 16th.  The theme for prom this year is, "Sea of Dreams."  Music will be provided by DJ Bill France, and pictures will be provided by Beth Forester.  Food and soft drinks will be served during the prom.  Pictures start at 6.00 p.m while prom walk begins at 7:30.  No one will be admitted into the dance after 9:00, and everyone not in the prom will have to leave by 9:00, unless you are a servant or helping out some other way.  The prom lasts from 8-12.  No alcohol beverages will be allowed and no one under the influence will be.  If you come with it on your breath, you will be asked to leave.  Dress formal, but agree with the dress code.  Don't come with something tacky that barely covers your body.  Don't forget to pay for your tickets by April 11th and fill out a form if you have an outside date.  Pay by cash or money.  Prom is only for JUNIORS and SENIORS.  Underclassmen are NOT allowed, even if from another school.  Enjoy and dance the night away!

By: Allison

2011 Chapmanville Regional High School Tennis

Chapmanville Tennis

The 2011 Chapmanville Tennis Team does not have a senior on the team. This year they have won a couple non conference and conference matches. They play a very tough schedule, Logan, Charleston catholic, Poca, they are All around good teams. Each of last 6 years we have been able to put someone in the state tournaments. We have had a solid team all 6 years. We are Right now in the process of rebuilding, lost 4 seniors last year top 4 seeds. Girls lost 2 seeds from last year so they got to step up and play in different positions. Good news is that we have been getting more people out and building Chapmanville Regional High School’s program better and I believe we can compete in state championship if everyone keeps working hard to get better.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Chapmanville Advances 2-0 in the Best of the Best

The Chapmanville Lady Tigers started off with a 2-0 record going into the Best of the Best Wednesday beating No. 8 Hoover 10-2 and No. 2 Ritchie 1-0.  Chapmanville is the only undefeated team in the tournament going into Saturday.  They will be playing Liberty Raleigh at 9:30 that morning which will be there last pool play game.  After that, it's single elimination from there on.  We want to wish the Lady Tigers luck and hopefully they'll win the tournament and stay No. 1 in the state!!!! GO TIGERS!!!

By: Allison

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapmanville Softball

The Lady Tigers will host a tournament this weekend at their new softball field. The Tournament will be held Friday and Saturday. Many teams will be playing in it so everyone should come out and show support to the Lady Tigers and cheer them on. They will be playing three games this weekend against Tolsia, Riverside and Wyoming East. The Lady Tigers are ranked #1 in the state right now and are playing well; they are 3-0 so far this season and hope to stay undefeated for the rest of this season. Good luck to the Lady Tigers this weekend and hopefully they get three big wins!
-         First game on Friday starts @ 5:30pm vs. Tolsia.
-         Second game on Friday starts @ 7:00pm vs.  Riverside.
-         First game on Saturday starts @ 3:00pm vs. Wyoming East.