Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fourth Dimension

In theory, there could be up to 8 planar dimensions in existence. We are known to exist on the third dimension. The fourth dimension, simply, is a realm of existence unperceivable by many of us here on the third; it’s just out of our range of perception. Physically, it is on the same ground we walk on. Some believe that we travel there during our dreams and meditation. This could explain communicating with friends and family who have passed on through dreams, or what our mind explains as a dream anyway. Since the capabilities of the human brain have not yet been completely understood, there is nothing disproving or proving these theories. Although some who are unafraid to share their experiences, believe in the fourth dimension faithfully. If you still do not understand, the fourth dimension is also called the “Spirit Realm” which is also where Heaven and Hell are believed to exist. This is where we may possibly go after we die.

The most commonly accepted model to explain the fourth dimension is the tesseract, as pictured below. If you notice closely, it is a cube within a cube, connected at the corners. Think of the third dimension as a cube, which can only turn, flip, etc. – nothing too extraordinary. The forth dimension, the tesseract, rotates in and out of itself. It forever rotates and exists. This is another reason why it is believed to be the “Spirit Realm”, where not only spirits, but demons and ghosts stay. When people claim to see “ghosts”, it is most likely true. They have reached a point on our Earth where there is a strong connection between the two dimensions. Even the spirit, demon, or ghost noticed them too. They are as bewildered by these sightings as we are. So the next time you see a spirit that you believe is not evil, attempt communication, you never know what may happen.

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