Friday, October 15, 2010

Pep Club

            This year, Mrs. Varney is over the Pep Club.  The Pep Club consists of 180 students.  They have done an outstanding job so far supporting our football team.  As Jake Robinson says, “The Pep section gets our boys pumped up, it keeps us going.” John Toler adds, “It makes us feel appreciated to have people cheering us on. It lets us know how much they care.” The Pep Club has cheered our boys to a 6-1 season.  The Pep Club says they are going to be the best cheering section the school has ever had and are going to cheer our boys all the way to Wheeling.  The coaches of the football team are proud of the Pep Club.  Rob Dial said at the Logan game, “We are a family, thank you guys for the support.”  The Pep Club will be painted up and ready to go every game giving it all they’ve got to support the boys. The boys have done an amazing job so far.  By the way it’s looking; we’ll see everyone at Wheeling!

By: Allison

Who's going to Wheeling? WE ARE!!!

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