Friday, October 29, 2010

#5 Chapmanville matches up with #5 Wayne

               It’s the game everyone’s anticipating. The game not only has playoff implications written all over it but also could determine who wins the Cardinal Conference championship. Chapmanville is ranked No. 5 in the state in Class AA at 7-1 overall and 4-1 in the cardinal conference. No. 6 Wayne is 7-1 overall and has a one-half game lead on Chapmanville in the league standings at 5-1. The tigers led by Jake Robinson who is a candidate for the Kennedy Award are hoping to make a statement by beating the powerhouse for the first time since 1991. Wayne has won the past 6 meetings including last year’s 42-17 win over the Tiger’s.

Wayne always shows up with a power house each year. They won a state championship in 2006 downing Tolsia 33-6 in the Class AA finals at Wheeling. They also made it to the super six last year, but had got beaten by Bluefield. They were also 2A runner-ups in 2004 and 2000.

Chapmanville also has a power house this year relying a lot on senior Jake Robinson, who has an outstanding 137 carries for 1,834 yards along with 31 touchdowns on the season. He rushed 14 times for 267 yards and four scores over last week’s win over Tolsia. This year, the pioneers might be facing a loss as the Chapmanville’s Tigers step up and lay it all out on the field. It should be one of the best matchups of the year. I wish our boys the best of luck!

By: Allison

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fourth Dimension

In theory, there could be up to 8 planar dimensions in existence. We are known to exist on the third dimension. The fourth dimension, simply, is a realm of existence unperceivable by many of us here on the third; it’s just out of our range of perception. Physically, it is on the same ground we walk on. Some believe that we travel there during our dreams and meditation. This could explain communicating with friends and family who have passed on through dreams, or what our mind explains as a dream anyway. Since the capabilities of the human brain have not yet been completely understood, there is nothing disproving or proving these theories. Although some who are unafraid to share their experiences, believe in the fourth dimension faithfully. If you still do not understand, the fourth dimension is also called the “Spirit Realm” which is also where Heaven and Hell are believed to exist. This is where we may possibly go after we die.

The most commonly accepted model to explain the fourth dimension is the tesseract, as pictured below. If you notice closely, it is a cube within a cube, connected at the corners. Think of the third dimension as a cube, which can only turn, flip, etc. – nothing too extraordinary. The forth dimension, the tesseract, rotates in and out of itself. It forever rotates and exists. This is another reason why it is believed to be the “Spirit Realm”, where not only spirits, but demons and ghosts stay. When people claim to see “ghosts”, it is most likely true. They have reached a point on our Earth where there is a strong connection between the two dimensions. Even the spirit, demon, or ghost noticed them too. They are as bewildered by these sightings as we are. So the next time you see a spirit that you believe is not evil, attempt communication, you never know what may happen.

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Halloween Dance Rules

This Saturday, the Halloween Dance will be hosted in Chapmanville Regional High School’s cafeteria. It will start at 8 o’clock p.m. and end around 11 o’clock p.m. Will Alderman, Chapmanville’s finest, will be the DJ for the dance. Pictures will be taken during and before the dance. Although the main goal is to have fun, there are some rules you will have to follow.


By: Halie Jo

Rachel's Challenge

On October 14th, 2010 Mr. Larry Scott, a presenter of the Rachel’s Challenge Organization, presented an assembly to our school that will never be forgotten. Mr. Scott was nice enough to travel all the way from Littleton, CO to Chapmanville, WV to present an assembly that has reformed our school. Since Rachel’s Challenge has been operating, the team has reached 3,300 schools (high schools and middle schools), multiple stadium and large venue events, 50 states and six countries, 11,000,000 people reached with the message, seven documented school shootings/violence, prevented hundreds of suicides, and planted a message that will never be forgotten.
Thursday, we the students, came to school just as we would on a regular Thursday morning, not knowing what was really in store. “Before going in I thought it would be just a softie, another boring assembly” & “I was just glad to get out of class to be honest.” -Two 12th grade students added. Approximately at 8:50 am, the freshmen & seniors made their way to the auditorium. A fellow 9th grade class member inputted their opinion “I had no clue what it would be like, I’m sure I would be bored.”
Around the beginning of 3rd period, which is close to 9:40, the 1st assembly was over. With 10th and 11th grade classes still eager to get their turn, red faces were common to be seen, and questioned faces were now upon the students. “When the kids came back to class, I was pondered what was going on”Seth Deskins interpreted. A tenth grader said “I had already read about Columbine and was kinda nervous to see how the school would react.”
When 10:40 rolled around, more tears were to be seen than smiles. “I have never been more traumatized before in my life” and “I have a different perspective for everything now” were common phrases being said around the school. But the most inspirational words said came from Cliff Hall: “It felt good. This school needed a speaker to come; we have needed it for awhile. He saved us all, even if people wasn’t listening, they someway was touched. Like Rachel said, kindness can go along way. I’m glad Mr. Scott came, because we were going downhill, and he seems to be what we needed to bring us back up.”
When the assembly concluded, a banner was waiting to be signed if a student wanted to accept Rachel’s Challenge. That banner currently is loaded down with acceptants names. Mrs. Barker has formed a Rachel’s Challenge club with 100 students mixed from every grade being trained to spread kindness not only in the school, but anywhere they might be.
At the end of the Thursday school day, Chapmanville Regional High School was not the same. Every class room seemed to be different; the mood around the school had changed. Everybody seemed to spread a little more kindness than usual and in someway tried to touch somebody else. Only not knowing, we were starting a Chain Reaction.
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Halloween Safety

Halloween is a holiday everyone loves. The kids love to dress up and of course, go trick-or-treating.  Here are some tips on being safe this Halloween.

                                  ♦ Beware of trees being cut down in the roads.
                                     Drive cautiously.
♦ Watch out for drunk drivers so if you’re walking, make sure to hold your kids close and keep a good look out.
♦ Do not connect more than three miniature light string together.  Also, be sure to check the rating on your extension cords and do not plug in more than the recommended wattage.  Cords should not be run under carpets or tacked-up with metal nails or staples.
♦ Choose costumes that are lighter in color and attach reflective materials to costumes.  Make sure each child has a flashlight to help them see and be seen.
♦ Never let your kids eat Halloween candy before you inspect it in the light at home.  Even if you know your neighbors, you should always check to safe and throw away open candy or anything that looks at all suspicious.

By: Allison

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New River Gorge Bridge Day

It's time for the 31st Annual Bridge Day Festival in West Virginia! Right here, right in the middle of the Mountain State, we celebrate the outdoors with a show you've got to experience to believe. We've got a bridge, and we've got a gorge- it's time to jump into it.

Bridge day is the largest extreme sports event and gathering of base jumpers in the world. There are usually more then 450 base jumpers from 10 countries and over 40 states that come to jump off the New River Gorge Bridge. Their all over 200,000 thousand people expected to come to this event. This bridge is 876 ft tall and is the world longest single arch bridge.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Senior Year is like Christmas

 On Wednesday, September 29, 2010, Jostens visited CRHS and talked to students about the products they offer. They made points about how important it is to graduate and ESPECIALLY how important one’s senior year is. After a bombardment of short pep talks and cheering, students were shown all that Jostens has to offer us. “This is a really good deal!” and “We have better deals than the other guys!” were part of what was said during the presentation. Needless to say, without Jostens, there would still be plenty of students, especially seniors, buying anything with the year of his or her graduation or the word “Senior” on it. Besides Jostens, there is still Herff Jones and online sites to buy and personalize anything one would need.

 Just like Christmas, everyone forgets the real reason behind the event. For example, one’s senior year is when one really has to focus on college and keeping grades up – one can’t slip. On the other hand, people treat senior year as if the whole year is about celebrating when they do not realize that there is still a lot ahead of them. During Christmas, many people spend unnecessarily large amounts of money and leave themselves exhausted doing what they assume is supposed to be Christmas. Most seem to forget that Christmas is a Christian holiday where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus with or without the company of their family.

From experience and common knowledge, do you believe that Christmas and your high school senior year are similar? Why or why not?

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pep Club

            This year, Mrs. Varney is over the Pep Club.  The Pep Club consists of 180 students.  They have done an outstanding job so far supporting our football team.  As Jake Robinson says, “The Pep section gets our boys pumped up, it keeps us going.” John Toler adds, “It makes us feel appreciated to have people cheering us on. It lets us know how much they care.” The Pep Club has cheered our boys to a 6-1 season.  The Pep Club says they are going to be the best cheering section the school has ever had and are going to cheer our boys all the way to Wheeling.  The coaches of the football team are proud of the Pep Club.  Rob Dial said at the Logan game, “We are a family, thank you guys for the support.”  The Pep Club will be painted up and ready to go every game giving it all they’ve got to support the boys. The boys have done an amazing job so far.  By the way it’s looking; we’ll see everyone at Wheeling!

By: Allison

Who's going to Wheeling? WE ARE!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Squirrel & Archery-Deer Season

The Opening Dates are coming up soon for the 2010 Squirrel & Archery Deer season. This school is full of avid hunters, and the contest begins for the biggest begins. Bow hunting is one popular hobby and they’re plenty of bucks out there waiting. Hunters need to remember the rate of hunting in Southern West Virginia is growing by the minute, and with that, hunters need to take precaution. Remember to wear bright orange and be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
Squirrel Hunting is a common tradition for men in this area, and many are anxious to get out in the woods at the break of dawn. With the recent shortening of game in the area, the art of squirrel hunting had been lost, but now it is back. These woods are now full of food and the beeches are full of with critters. So, get out there, and get that kill that wants to be known around the state.

Also, every young adult should look into taking the Hunter Education Program. If interested contact: Lt. Tim Coleman of Charleston, WV 304 558-2784 or go online to

The Ten Commandments of Gun Safety
1. Treat every gun as if it were loaded.
2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
3. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it.
4. Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions.
5. Unload firearms when not in use.
6. Never point a firearm at anything you don't want to shoot.
7. Never climb a fence or tree or jump a ditch with a loaded firearm.
8. Never shoot a bullet at a flat, hard surface or water.
9. Store firearms and ammunition separately.
10. Avoid alcoholic beverages and other mind altering drugs before and during shooting.

Opening Day of Archery-Deer Season: October 16 − December 31 
Opening Day for Squirrel Season: October 1 – January 31


Making History

    It’s that time again. When we go from T-shirts and caps, to sweatshirts and beanies, the cold weather sets in, and the fall of autumn occurs, you know its playoff time. As the Major League Baseball regular season soon comes to a close, the race for the pennant just begins, and the inner fan starts to expose. Nobody wants his or her team to lose, but everybody wants them to win.
    Unfortunately, that cannot happen, and that’s where “Americas Greatest Pastime” comes to play. With every race close right now, experts cannot even predict what the outcome will be.
    The use of performance enhancing drugs in the game has put a slump on the title of MLB, but those true players, still in the game, want to show the fans that they are worthy of their support. This year has already produced more historic pitching performances than any other year in history of baseball. The use of replay has also stirred controversy in the league. Some fans want replay and some fans want it the way it has always been done. Umpires make mistakes, and so do players, but what the fan pays for, is those memorable games.
    With spite in belief in the way the game should be, has caused drama all over the world. So, get those team colors out, try and go see a game, or tune that T.V. to the game. As history has shown before, everybody wants a Cinderella story and every American predicts this year will be one for the ages. It’s PLAYOFF TIME!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Football October 15th 2010

 This week is the Tigers week off - we have no game on October 15th, 2010. Our Tigers have earned time to relax and prepare for the game next week against Tolsia High School, which is another conference game, so the tigers need another big win! The boys have put on quite a show this year and everybody needs to come out and support them. Our fans done an amazing job this year on cheering on the tigers! Everybody is super excited to see the outcome of the tigers at the end of this season. Hopefully, the seniors have a great year and get everything they have worked so hard for this year. Good luck to the Chapmanville Tigers on the rest of their football season! Go Tigers!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Chapmanville Regional High School 2010 Homecoming

This year the Chapmanville Tigers will be playing the Man Hillbillies. Everybody has predicted this to be an exciting game and the Tigers are sure to win. This past week has been our spirit week, which started on Tuesday with Western day. Following that was Decade Day on Wednesday, Superstar Day on Thursday, and Orange & Black day on Friday. We had a wonderful turnout of students participating, especially on Thursday. Although many found it appropriate to dress in Orange & Black on Thursday due to the Battle of the Classes; others created their own Camo Day.

The Battle of the Classes was a competition between the freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior classes. They battled on the front lawn of the school in tricycle races and relay matches amid enthusiastic cheering and chanting from the whole school. After two class periods, the announcment was made that Seniors were the winning class. Some argue that the win was handed to them simply because they are Seniors. Nevertheless, we all had fun and practicied good sportsmanship. On Orange and Black day, the hallways were blinding with school spirit and enthusiasm - partly because of the game and partly because of the early realease.

The early release allowed us to meet up with our friends and watch the parade, which lasted for almost an hour. Many companies participated in the parade to advertise themselves and the band, football team, and cheerleaders were all riding along as well, throwing candy to young onlookers. All of the classes floats were fantastic and were greatly appreciated by the general public. The parade ended with our senior class officers and the homecoming court of both CRHS and CMS.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pep Club

          The pep club will be at the game Friday night supporting our Tigers for their homecoming game against rivalry, Man Hillbillies.  They will be screaming on the Tigers to a 6-1 victory.  The pep club has done an amazing job so far supporting our boys.  They dress up and even paint up for games.  They’re what keep our boys pumped up and never wanting to quit.  We love the support from our pep club and they have definitely done their job. I can’t wait to see them support our boys Friday night for a Hillbilly beat down. 

By: Allison

Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Dance

The Halloween dance is the most fun out of all the dances in my opinion. You get to dress up, dance, and hang out with your friends. The Dance is a privilege and we need to respect our teachers and principle for letting us have a dance were we get to dress up like crazy Cartoons and Characters from movies, myths, and TV shows. We need to be respectful about the dress code and not show anything that doesn't need to be shown.

The Halloween dance will be held on October 23. 2010 @ Chapmanville High School from 7-11.