Friday, September 10, 2010

Eagles' Nest

     Eagles’ Nest is a program here at CRHS that teaches the students leadership and responsibility. It gives the opportunity to give back to your community by helping out at the elementary schools and nursing care facilities. This rewarding program is directed by Mrs. Amick- Adkins. Eagles’ Nest is offered to juniors and seniors. This class has to be one of the best that Chapmanville offers.

     Starting in October, the participants in Eagles’ Nest will be attending the grade schools and nursing care facilities. They plan on making every person’s day brighter by making their day easier and more enjoyable. By playing games, it teaches the younger kids’ life lessons such as respect, responsibility, and friendship. These lessons will help the children have a better outlook on life. The participants and the students are in for one marvelous treat!

By: Byran , Tyler , and Halie Jo

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