Thursday, September 9, 2010

Key Club "Caring...Our Way of Life."

Key Club is a club found internationally in many high schools. They serve their community though volunteering for different projects and individually, each member learns about themselves in the process. Community service is much more than getting out of class and gaining your hours to graduate. The goodness you put into your work comes out in appreciative others.

Every year, they participate in UNICEF, Christmas in the Park, Salvation Army Christmas Charity, Highway Cleanup, Red Cross Blood Drive, and others that are beneficial to the community, the nation, and occasionally the world. This year, they are participating in a program called “Adopt-A-Block” in which they take care of Commerce Park. Picking up trash and helping out the local business are their objectives, as well as making the area more appealing. It’s similar to “Adopt-A-Highway”, except on more focused pieces of land.

Key Club is not alone. They have a younger branch called “Builder’s Club” at middle schools and the parent branch called “Kiwanis” that consists of older adults to help them when needed and vice versa. On the college level, there is Circle K, which is similar to Key Club but on a different grade level. Circle K is not available at every college, but it is possible to form your own if there is enough student interest. Key Club meets every Wednesday at 3:00 after school in Mr.Saunder’s room. The meeting’s last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the time of the year, current programs, etc. Everyone is welcome to join!

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