Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Weather

     Winter weather in West Virginia in the past couple years has been notoriously bad. Last winter was the worst, costing the state millions of dollars in electrical repairs and road care. It was the most snow and ice the state had seen in numerous years, causing many dead trees to fall onto power lines, causing loss of power for many households, in some cases for months. On one winter night some travelers were stuck on the I-64 for as much as 12 hours at one time. This has forced the DMV of WV to make drastic changes to the way our highways are configured, creating new exit spots throughout the roadways. This coming winter is expected to be just as bad as the last, with the temperatures already beginning to drop in October. School has been affected greatly around the state, as schools started earlier this year, due to all the days missed last year. It is said that this year it will be very rare for school days to be canceled, as board of education members have decided West Virginia students miss entirely too much school.


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