Thursday, November 18, 2010


         Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s a very important holiday! I always get excited this time of year because you get to spend some time with your family and give thanks for what you have. Most families spend Thanksgiving together over a home cooked meal and spend the day together. On Thanksgiving we need to appreciate what we have in life and be thankful for what we do have. Think about the families that don’t get to have a nice home cooked meal for Thanksgiving or some that don’t have a family to spend Thanksgiving with. You really need to think about what you have in life and be thankful!
          Thanksgiving was first started at the Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts in 1621. The pilgrims celebrated thanksgiving by having kind of a harvest festival. They gave thanks to God, Family, and friends. This holiday zhas moved away from the religious roots.
          When I think of thanksgiving I think of food such as pumpkin pies, corn mash potatoes, green beans, and all different kinds of goodies. I also think about the Indians and the pilgrims.
          The Indians and Pilgrims sat down for Thanksgiving together to give thanks to their wonderful bounty of food. They also had a turkey like  everybody does now days ! The Indians didn’t get along with the pilgrims so well after Thanksgiving. Many towns in New England held thanksgiving days to celebrate victories over the Natives.
          Fun Fact:
"Did you know George Washington declared Thanksgiving to be a February holiday? What's up with that?"

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