Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meet The Newspaper Staff

Everyday during 7th period my classmates and I report to newspaper. Which is located in Mrs. Turners library/ media center. This week I am interviewing the newspaper class to find out how they like newspaper and if we need to improve anything. This class consists of about nine students. Here are their responses as to what they like about the newspaper or how we should improve it.

Halie Jo- “Newspaper is my favorite class that I have. I <3 it”

Justin- “I <3 newspaper & Mrs. Turner”

Tyler- “Newspaper is turning around”

Byran- “Newspaper is picking up because of our great teacher Mrs. Turner”

Samantha- “I would like to see the students really get involved with newspaper”

Allison- “We need to get more people involved with the newspaper staff”


Brooks- “I love Mrs. Turner and all the hardworking students in the newspaper class

          This is the first year Chapmanville Regional High School has had a school newspaper and we don’t want to disappoint our principle, Mr. Elkins.

By: Mikey

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