Friday, December 3, 2010

Chapmanville vs. Tug Valley

Chapmanville vs Tug valley

          Our first game of the basketball season will be held at Tug Valley High School. This game is going to be very important because it is the first game, and plus Tug Valley beat us 3 out of 3 times last year. Every game was fairly and close and really intense. Tug Valley is one of our huge rivals in double AA basketball and we play them in sectionals. People we will have to watch out for are, Austin Vance, Mikey Newsome, and Speedy. The Chapmanville Tigers will be ready for this game. We have been working hard and we plan on going up there and blowing out the Panthers. The Pep Club needs to make that long trip to Tug Valley to cheer the boys on because it’s going to be a hard game to win and without the fans we would be nowhere. So everyone needs to come out. Tug Valley made an appearance at the state tournaments last year and the only lost two players from the starting five. Let’s Go Tigers!

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