Friday, March 11, 2011

Hoops For Heart

Hoops for Heart
                The American Heart Association holds an event titled Jump Rope for Heart every year in local schools, to help support good health and prevent Heart Disease. Students make donations to participate in activities usually held in the school’s gym, that include: jump roping, basketball, and few other smaller activities. The American Heart Association is known for being very generous in their support for a healthier America and in particular the prevention of Heart Disease. West Virginia is known for obesity in our youth and the unhealthiness they posses, therefore, Hoops for Heart is counteracting these major problems by encouraging physical activity and being active with allowing kids to be exempt from class to participate in this event while also providing funding to go towards the greater good.  Here at Chapmanville Regional High School, we take great pride in our youth and this event is a great example of our community’s effort to become healthier and maybe encourage our neighboring schools to do the same.

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