Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chapmanville Girls face off with #1 Summers County for First Round of the Girls State Basketball Tournament

The Chapmanville Regional High School girls’ basketball team are huge underdogs in Thursday’s state tournament game. Chapmanville seeded 8th place with a 15-9 record. The odds are against them because they are matched up with #1 Summers County. All Summers County has done has been to capture the Class AA state championship for the last four years and win 93 straight games. The No. 1 seed Lady Bobcats are 25-0 heading into the state tournament. Summers County has not been beaten in a game since 2008. The Lady Bobcats have destroyed teams this year regularly by 50 points or more. Summers County has broke 100 points for 2 games on the season, 90 points on 9 games on the season, and 80 points on 6 games of the season. They were only held to 50 one game this year which was the game they won to break the record for most wins in a row in the state of WV. Summers County is 7 games away from breaking the National record held for boys/girls basketball for most wins in a row.
Chapmanville girls have no seniors while Summers County loses 4 of their 5 starters. Chapmanville is led by its trio of gaurds, Kelli Garrett and twin sisters Allison and Jenna Evans. All three  are juniors and can handle the ball well and can shoot 3 pointers acceptionally well. All three stand 5'2. Garrett averages 14.6 per game. Allison averages 10.4 per game while Jenna averages 8.5 per game. The lady Tigers are also led by post players sophmore Katelynn Hall, junior Kaylee Maynard, sophmore Talya Berry, and freshman Kristin DesRocher. Hall stands 5'7 averaging 8.1 points per game. Maynard stands 5'11 averaging 3.8 points per game. Berry stands tallest at 6'0 averaging 2.1 points per game. DesRocher stands 5'8 averaging 6.5 points per game.
Summers County is led by 6'0 senior Hallie Gunnoe averaging 22 points per game. Next comes 6'0 senior gaurd Leslie Mack averaging 21 points per game. Hallie's twin sister Hanna follows at 6'1 averaging 14 points per game followed by 5'9 junior Candice Brown. Last comes 5'10 senior post player Kelsi Lively who averages 10 points per game. A sixth player, 5'7 junior gaurd Keri Hudson comes in averaging about 7 points per game.
Chapmanville last made the state tourney in 94. This is a tough matchup for Chapmanville, but anything can happen! Congratulations on making it and we wish you the best of luck!!!!
By: Allison

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