Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Senior Last Will & Testements

Ashley Woods
I will miss shop the most. I love being able to go to the nursing home and taking care of all the residents. I’m also going to miss the shop bus. It’s always fun on the bus.
Breezy Peyton
Last Will and Testament:
To Jessica Rideout, I leave my tan, because you desperately need it. J
Brian Toney
In 10 years, I’ll be in either Maryland or California working for a game design company making major cash. I’ll be living in a 3 story house and have an awesome car. I’ll become an awesome guitarist in my spare time. Every day I’ll be playing video games with the best players in the world.
Conor Pyles
The thing I will miss the most about high school is my friends. Ten years from now, I hope to be working as an aerospace engineer.
Courtney Adams
In ten years, I’ll hopefully be married with two kids. Be a pediatric nurse, have a nice house, and a nice car.
Danielle Phillips
The best memory I’ve had at CRHS was when I met my boyfriend.
Destiny Combs
In ten years, hopefully I will be living in Pittsburgh teaching French. I want to be married with 2 kids living in a huge house. I am very excited for this because I know it will happen.
Dustin Adams
In ten years hopefully I will have a nice house and family. Hopefully I will have a job in the mines to be able to live a good life and a happy one. Hopefully be married and have a family.
Dustin Ball
I’ll be up the same holler I’m in right now in ten years. I may be married and settled down. Hopefully have a great job and career ahead of me.
Dusty Sanders
I’ll be 28 in 10 years and hopefully I’ll be on my way to becoming a successful FBI agent. I’ll either be a cop for my last 2 years of work before I become an FBI agent. I’m hoping in 10 years that I’ll be solving an intense crime.
Jake Robinson
My best memory at CRHS was transferring here. I found my true friends. We had an unbelievable year in football. It’s a season I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget a thing about CRHS.
Kohl Maynard
The thing I will miss about high school is that I won’t get to see my friends every day. I hardly see anyone from school. All I’ll get to do is work all the time.
Luke Adams
Hopefully in 10 years, I will have a nice home with a good paying job. I would also like to have a kid or two with a wife. It would be nice to have a good ride, preferably, a muscle car. That’s about it. I can’t predict the future.
Michael C.
One of my best high school memories at cville was the pep club day. Hopefully in 10 years I’ll have a nice house and be a radiologist. I will miss all my friends at school.
Shana Messer
What I will miss the most about high school is where you come to school every day and you make friends. Friends are there for you and they help you through school.
 Steven Sperry
Ten years from now I’ll be on carpenters union working hard. Hopefully I’ll be married and have a family with a nice house and place. Have a garden and a lot of big bucks hanging on the wall.
Timmy Faine
In ten years I see myself being sponsored by Jenny Craig because I have a feeling that after college, I will be a little on the large size.
Tori Hensley
What I will miss the most is all my friends.  They are the bestest friends anyone could ask for or have.

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