Friday, February 25, 2011

Chapmanville Tigers vs Poca Dots

Chapmanville Tigers vs Poca Dots

            On February 24th, The Chapmanville Tigers will be playing The Poca Dots. This game is very important for the Chapmanville Tigers because it is a Cardinal Conference Game. The Tigers have been on a very good roll lately, winning 5 games straight. The Tigers record is 13-8 which is really good considering who we have played and all the injuries and outbreaks this team has had. The Poca dots are doing pretty good this year with a record of 19-3. The Tigers played the Dots @ Poca which was a very good game. We played our hearts out but we just came up short, so we expect to come out with the win this time. We would appreciate if our fans would come out and support The Chapmanville Tigers.

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