Monday, January 31, 2011

2011 AFC Championship Game and 2011 NFC

Championship Game on Sunday

The 2011 NFC Championship Game as well as the 2011 AFC Championship Game will be held on Sunday. Both games have one team that has already qualified after two very interesting games on Saturday. In the Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore game, it came down to the final minutes. However, the Pittsburgh Steelers won 31-24 to advance to the 2011 AFC Championship Game. The nightcap had Green Bay vs. Atlanta, with the Green Bay Packers winning in impressive fashion to advance to the 2011 NFC Championship Game.

The opponents for Green Bay and
Pittsburgh will be decided on Sunday when the other two divisional playoff games take place. It could be a very interesting pair of games, especially with what has been developing over in the NFC. The Atlanta Falcons were the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. Knocking them off means that the 2011 NFC Championship Game is going to either be played in Chicago or Seattle next week. If the Seattle Seahawks beat the Chicago Bears in the early Sunday game, Seattle will play host to the NFC Championship Game.

In the AFC right now, the
New England Patriots are the top seeded team, making them the favorites to beat the New York Jets on Sunday. It's going to be a tough game in some very cold weather, but it could end up being a great game. If you ask any of the Jets this week, they feel that it is going to be a blow-out in favor of the road team. Their trash talking eventually led to the NFL commissioner making a statement about toning things down. He wasn't wrong, but it's hard to fault the Jets too much for feeling so bad about getting crushed by the Patriots in their regular season match-up a few weeks ago.

If New England beat the Jets, they will host the 2011 AFC Championship Game. If the Jets win, it will be the Pittsburgh Steelers that get to serve as the hosts. Either match-up sounds pretty good, and it could be a really exciting ending to the AFC season. Maybe the most interesting scenario would be a Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Super Bowl, giving Seattle a re-match against the team that was helped by officials to beat them in the Super Bowl five years ago. Having the storylines of Ben Roethlisberger against Matt Hasselbeck again would certainly give NFL analysts a lot to talk about wouldn't it?

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